Subaru Impreza

In motor shows official sales of Subaru Impreza have begun. New Impreza possesses excellent visibility in comparison with the previous model, manoeuvrability. The new suspension bracket will provide soft driving, high level of comfort and will raise stability of the car on road. Base complete set Impreza includes climate control with the raised overall performance, the four-channel system ABS, a full electropackage, and also CD-player. In Subaru Impreza 2008 adjustment of a steering column on a departure and on height is provided, the size of lateral mirrors is increased, transfer numbers КП thanks to what the car became more dynamical are changed. In version 2.0 for the first time there was a possibility of installation of system of course stability VDC together with a mechanical transmission, also there was a possibility of start of the engine the button. Considerable constructive changes have concerned salon thanks to what the open space is increased and its functionality is raised. In particular, in the car ergonomic seats which well absorb vibration are used and in regular intervals distribute pressure upon a back. Change of a back suspension bracket has allowed to increase considerably a functional place for luggage. The car is completed with a full-size spare wheel that is a rarity in the given class. In new Impreza back doors open to 75 degrees that allows to stack freely things in salon, additional positions of regulation of opening of a door for a narrow parking also are provided. The five-door hatchback of Subaru Impreza 2008 is a city family car for the daily driving, possessing sports character. The basic indicators in car operation - comfort, safety and excellent technical characteristics! In motor shows of a group of companies «At Service +» Subaru Impreza 2008 it is accessible in following versions: Impreza 1.5 (107 h.p., from 577 700 руб), Impreza 2.0 (150 h.p. From 730 800 руб) and Impreza 2.5 TURBO WRX (230 h.p. from 1 107 500 rbl.). For each of versions the complete set by automatic transmission Sportshift (except WRX), and also a mechanical box with a hill-climbing gear is provided.

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