Opel Corsa OPC

One of these days it became known that in the end of this month in the Old World sales of the "charged" version of a compact hatchback of Opel Corsa – OPC start. To learn not absolutely usual Corsa from outside will not make special work – a foppish spoiler, huge air inlets in bumpers and a triangular exhaust pipe, and especially its roar, will instantly inform to consciousness that it just that case when “the zolotnik is small yes roads”. And a full set of sports gadgets, such as sitting Recaro, aluminium overlays on pedals and a sports wheel will even more strengthen belief in it.

Фото Opel Corsa OPC

Opel Agila

Opel Agila only 3,5 m. is length on one centimetre more shortly Opel Korsy, 1,62 m. width, only 1,66 m. height and is calculated on four persons. Capacity of a luggage space of a car - 248 l. A back seat develop in parts. At completely combined armchair the capacity of a luggage carrier of the car reaches 598 litres, forming almost ideal cargo compartment - in this plan of Opel Agila - the sample of a cubism in the German design.

Opel Agila

In a standard complete set of Opel Agila (Opel Agila) the electric amplifier of a steering of a car, an inflatable pillow of safety of the driver and преднатяжители seat belts enter. The musical system in the standard is not put - only in a top-complete set and for surcharge. And in the central part of the control panel the display of the onboard information device of the car is added.

German автомобильчик Opel Agila is completed by steel disks for cheaper complete sets or легкосплавными for more expensive versions. Variants of an upholstery of salon of the car - are not too various. And Opel Agila colour scale is simple enough: grey, dark blue and greenish velour or semivelour. Most brightly it is expressed in Opel Agila Color Edition variant in which with special carefulness colour scales in all complete sets of a car are picked up. The special emphasis became on presence of a considerable quantity of an empty seat in car salon. And on a roof - the arches covered with specialised structure - to them a considerable quantity of every possible accessories for a daily active way of life is offered.

Qualitative light brown skin, steering wheel with a leather surface, the advanced panel of monitors issued with a considerable quantity of aluminium.

Car cost begins from 9,5 т. Euro for the car in a simple complete set, from 10 in a complete set Comfort and from 11,6 thousand euro for the car in a complete set of Elegans. The complete set of Kolor Edishn is on sale in Germany at the price from 12.890 euros.


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