Mitsubishi CX

Mitsubishi concept CX

At the stand of the company of Mitsubishi in Frankfurt it is presented conceptual Concept CX. Japanese, without philosophising crafty, have allocated this car with the forward part almost indistinguishable from new Lancer. And here in a profile it is most that on there is a crossover.

The prototype hides under the cowl the 1,9-litre diesel engine capacity of 134 h.p., observing norms of standard Euro 5. Its doubtless advantages are changeable geometry of the turbine, каталитический neutralizer of exhaust gases and противосажевый the filter. The newest working out of Japanese engineers – robotised transmission Clutch SST (Sport Shift Transmission) – also has found the place inside Concept cX. By working out of elements of an interior founders have given particular attention to ecology – a considerable quantity of details of salon are executed from a special harmless material on the basis of a bamboo and phytogenesis pitches. The car also is equipped by firm system of the full drive which basic management will be assigned to electronics.

Mitsubishi Outlander


Mitsubishi presents on September autoshow in Frankfurt a new compact crossover. Visitors will accept a prototype, and the serial version of the new car will be issued the next two years.


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