The Austrian automobile skin

Differences of temperatures, influence of sun rays and chemical substances, aggressive operation do requirements to quality of automobile skin very high.

Properties of automobile skin

It more rigid and durable,

Has proof colouring and drawing of a stamping,

Is less inclined to a stretching and influence of chemical solvents.

These qualities – result of the difficult technological process including application of special chemical compounds in the course of dyeing and finishing furnish.

In total exists an order of 600 various tests for automobile skin. Here some of them:

Фоггинг the test – the test for evaporation of substances from a skin surface at heating. There are two kinds of this test:

гравиметрический at which the weight of the substance allocated from a surface of a skin in a definite time and at certain temperature is defined;

Photometric at which degree of turbidity of a glass plate owing to subsidence on its surface of the substances allocated with a skin in a definite time and at certain temperature is defined.

The test on очищаемость – definition of speed of clarification from an artificial pollutant.

The test for burning – definition of speed of burning which should not exceed threshold value.

Breaking strength – definition of effort which is necessary for putting for rupture of the test sample of a skin.

Durability of colouring – definition of stability of a covering to burning out under the influence of sun rays.

Stability to a friction – definition of stability to a dry and wet friction.

Stability to excited environments – definition of stability to action of solvents, alkalis, etc.

Each kind of leather differs the unique invoice and it is offered in rich colour scale (and also in a variant with punching for use in those elements of seats and salon where it is necessary to provide ventilation). Quality of skin so highly that the salons executed from them, keep an original form many long years, are very steady against various chemical influences and are perfectly cleaned.

To choose skin colour



Alcantara - a material new, unusual and very popular last years. It perfectly approaches for furnish of ceilings, racks, back shelves. It is perfectly combined with a skin at tailoring of seats, torpedoes and coverings of doors. In durability and durability surpasses any skin, it is perfectly cleaned and does not burn out. The colour palette in which there are also very thin neutral shades and ультра bright colours is extraordinary various also.

How many flatter words this material worldwide has collected, and how many people prefer to its other exclusive materials. Moreover, today set of eminent manufacturers of cars include this material in the list of finishing materials of the cars. Here such names, as Maybah, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen. Having appeared in the seventieth, алькантара has made the present revolution in the world of finishing materials. What only destiny did not prophesy to this material, including as inexpensive replacement scarce then to a skin and suede.

Who though time touched to алькантаре, understands, in what business. Soft, velvety to the touch, it seems most that on is a natural material and creates unique sensation of warmth and space. Thus its structure is completely not similar to "cold" pile of artificial fur or a velvet. Alcantara remains soft and warm even in fierce winter and in a heat - who knows, what to sit down on a leather seat in such conditions, will estimate.

The newest material has personified all dreams of founders, having connected such qualities, as magnificent wear resistance (it is not wiped and does not shine), stability to external influences (automobile алькантара does not sustain combustion - is not present to extinguish cigarettes all the same about a seat it is not necessary, but also from a spark it will not flash); besides, it is steady enough against cuts and is more maintainable, rather than a genuine leather.

And still, unlike a skin, it is possible to finish with this material surfaces of the big area and intricate forms. After all at all remarkable properties of a skin, it is a natural material, and to find the big piece without obvious or latent defects (folds) – a problem.

Alcantara it is made in the big rolls, thereby giving not only more freedom for creativity to masters, but also saving means to the future owner (thus that a material rather prestigious and elite). After all at work with alcantara practically does not remain a waste: first, as it has been already told, marriage – the big rarity, secondly, even small slices with success are used for tiny details: the artificial material is more elastic, than a genuine leather

Today it is possible to choose four cores of a kind alcantara: Formal, Cover, - for furnish of seats, Soft – for a ceiling and Pannel - for various panels (door, consoles). And great variety of colours, shades and versions.


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