The automobile video registrar

It is the chamber intended for fixing of road incidents. Than these devices differ from the usual chamber?

Installation of sports seats will allow you to feel more comfortable, and to the car will give a new, prestigious kind. You can order sitting "OMEGA" or "VEGA" in the maximum and standard complete set. Into the complete set of seats enter: a sliding platform, lumbar support, heating.

установка сидений

In salon registration most often use materials of two, three and more colours (shades) as expansion of colour scale does salon more interesting and colourful. Seams with the big step and a bright thick thread will give sports and dynamical registration. A small step and threads in skin colour will give to an interior elegance and accuracy. We offer a full spectrum of registration of salon with change of any elements, we change an interior for more magnificent, giving individuality and originality.

передняя панель Mercedes Benz

Wheel inhaling. The wheel finished with a skin is, certainly, luxury, a practicality, beauty. Work on перетяжке a wheel demands surgical accuracy, patience and accuracy. A wheel finished with a skin, it is beautiful, is practical and is expensive. Wheel inhaling the skin carries out by experts of ours studio tuning quickly and qualitatively.

At salon alteration very often there is a necessity for duplication or drawing of new inscriptions on seats or; panels. Three ways – an embroidery, a stamping and a laser engraving on a skin are applied. Embroider by means of the special sewing-machine. And imprinted inscriptions and drawings receive after manufacturing of special matrixes. An inscription on a skin receive by pressing after heating of a matrix to certain temperature. The laser engraving on a skin is carried out on the special equipment. мукачівські "регіонали" благають Януковича підписати скандальний "мовний закон"


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