Upgrade the interior and exterior of cars

Explore the tuning of the car interior, external tuning, modern interiors of different models. How to make a car sophisticated, comfortable and safe

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Work to improve comfort in the car

Leather steering wheel of perforating the skin

The main requirement to the leather steering wheel had been pleasant to the touch and looked decent, disassembly steering is not welcomed

How to make a case for glasses on car

The result of the consideration of the various storage options points in the car was the decision of the independent manufacturing of the accessory
Mounting navigator on top of the dashboard

Mounting navigator on top of the dashboard

Positioning Navigator is best on top, roughly at the same level with the dashboard where it will best be seen, and it will not close the view through the windshield...

Upgrade the armrest

The idea of a central armrest attractive, but has a major drawback preventing access to the seat belt buckle.


Modernization of car appearance

Fixing caps wheels

The original cap is kept on Largus drive well, but easily removed without any tools. Additional fixing to avoid it...

Upgrade mounting aerodynamic trunk

Most likely all holders of the trunk with aerodynamic Rail Mount firm "Euro detail" at least at least once (at installation) faced one of its structural defect...

Installation of decorative grid to protect the radiator from stones and insects

For self-installation of decorative grid you need a grid that is sold in almost any auto parts store...

A suitable location for the DRL

On Largus best to install daytime running lights turned out the place next to the PTF...

Tests autochemistry

Practical verification of the characteristics autocosmetics

Polish the car body BBF

All manufacturers of this product promises super resistance of its funds. What is the situation really?

Test care products upholstery from a natural leather company Runway...

The use of cleaner and conditioner protects the leather surface of the skin from pollution...

Colour polish with wax

This autocosmetics to affordable is unlikely to include the price of about three hundred and seventy rubles...

Test polish metallic...

The company has released a new product for Runway care of the car body in a cheap car chemicals segment with the addition of Teflon

The hydrophobic (dirt-repellent) coating

With all the advances in science, particularly the notorious nano-technology, dirt-repellent coating universal car          be it in the form of factory coating or autochemistry still remains a dream...>>>

The photochromic film dubbing

In summer, motorists are experiencing particularly acute desire to have in the car glazing with similar properties...>>>

Car seat as a work of art

Chair of the vehicle, that part which, in our opinion, is not subject to any tuning... >>>


Tesla Motors and electric cars

Included in the tradition of lighting in our publications, mass-produced cars on electricity. Another new company, Tesla Motors, produces two models, model S and model X

Family Mercedes Viano

If you do not treat as a family car Mercedes GL Class a little suitable for this role, let's say for the price, and R-class - absolutely not represented yet in Russian showrooms, the car remains a Class V - Viano based at Vito


Compare OPEL minivans company and attempt to identify the main differences between the exterior and interior of these models
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Interactive Guide Lada Largus for Android

Interactive instruction Lada Largus for Android with convenient search of information that does not take place, you can download Google play>>>

StarLine E60, E61 - Member Conduct

It is convenient to have on hand if you store it in the paper version of the car, just in case the download to your smartphone. It can help in an emergency, if you forgot how to turn on the anti-robbery, set to Google play>>>


Suitable radio path may like at home listen to online


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