Citroen C-Cactus - profitability, ecological compatibility and a minimum of details

Citroen c cactus

C-Cactus – концепт in style of reasonable minimalism. Its salon is collected all from 200 details, and materials used in manufacture completely are processed or decay, without harming to environment. Besides, it does not have many habitual parts, the instrument panel, a glove compartment and подрулевых switches, but there is a portable MP3-player which can serve as a key to the car. Climate Control, audio-system and the touch monitor are integrated into the average console. The speedometer represents a scale moving round a wheel with figures.

C-Cactus It is equipped by the diesel engine capacity of 70 horsepowers with the filter and the 30-strong electromotor. It allows to accelerate momentum to 150 km/h. Average fuel consumption - 3,4 litres on hundred kilometres of a way, emission CO2 – 78 gramme on kilometre. On last figure, in the spirit of last harmless tendencies, pay special attention. Citroen underlines that for 55 % of the made companies of cars level of emission of dioxide of carbon - is less 140 gramme on kilometre, and for 24 % - 120 gramme there is less.

Citroen C3 Picasso draws attention the cubic forms and the big area of a glass cover

Photo Citroen C3 Picasso 1

In salon all stylishly and qualitatively. The instrument panel "is covered" by the big peak from a soft material over which have set up "the space" guard of devices displaying all necessary parametres of speed, turns, the onboard computer and an audiosystem >>


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