The modern car is not simply wheel vehicle. This combination of the most advanced technological decisions among which the important place is occupied with the computer. Today cars became already actually computers on wheels.

Near future cars

Systems of the intellectual help inform the driver on occurrence of dangerous situations on road and can already even independently park the car.


During distant trips of the car quite often appear in a ditch. The active monitoring system of a strip from Honda company distinguishes by means of a videocamera established over a rear-view mirror, lines of a road marking and prompts to the driver as it is necessary to correct a movement direction. If the driver has not listened to a voice of artificial reason, the assistant takes over control on itself. The system is already installed and has successfully proved in Japan and Great Britain.

Display HEAD-UP

Now the driver should not distract periodically from road: with new generation of displays Head-Up it is possible not to look at a control panel constantly. The colour laser projects the information collected by all gauges, for example about speed of movement or operating restriction of speed, directly on a car windshield. In some cars of last generation this technology is already realised.


The rumpled bumpers and the scratched doors can soon leave in the past if cars are equipped computer парковщиками which are developed by designers of the company of Volkswagen. By means of videocameras and ультразву¬ковых sensor controls similar devices not only distinguish a suitable place for parking, but also can independently park the car. The artificial reason is constructed on the basis of the powerful processor with frequency of 2 GHz which analyzes the information arriving from sensor controls and taking steps meeting situation. This system very simply copes: to leave the car enough and to press only one button on a remote control.


If you like to travel on impassability you on advantage estimate some innovations of the car of Renault Koleo. It helps the owner not only desperately to clamber on abrupt slopes or carefully to go down from tops, using possibilities of systems HSA (Hill Start Assist - help system at lifting on a slope) and HDC (Hill Down Control - the monitoring system behind descent), but also displays on the central display the helpful information on a car angle of slope, a longitudinal profile and pressure of air in tyres.

Night image

At night human eyes on 90 % lose the abilities to distinguish world around subjects. However system Night Vision corrects this omission of the nature: established in cars of BMW of the seventh series тепловизионная the chamber allows the driver to be guided freely on road to utter darkness. The help system distinguishes animals and pedestrians, analyzes a road situation and hands over this information on the display. On the screen it is deduced reasonable (perceived by the person) quantity of data on dangerous subjects.

Data exchange between cars

On a traffic light red light, and the car has lighted up, independently having muffled the engine, gauging at a crossroads. Simultaneously with it the onboard computer has started to download the updated information on road conditions and blockbuster which has recently left on screens. The short radio signal from a traffic light starts the engine, and the car is reconstructed, occupying the necessary strip - thus the driver only supervises electronics work. Similar imaginations already in the near future could become a reality. Since 2002 autodesigners work on creation of the cars, capable to "communicate" with each other and environment. On the one hand, cars could communicate about stoppers and the happened failures, and in the long term - independently to regulate traffic. On the other hand, «Abto-WLAN» would allow to place in a new fashion accents and in the field of road entertainments.


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