Acura has presented new sports the conceptual car.


Created to lift exotic sports automodelling to new level. Conceptcar it is developed to connect powerful established across, V-10 the engine and new highly effective, a drive of wheels. Car Acura always will be the house for people who like to move. Takeo Fakui, the president and CEO of Honda Motor Co has told., Ltd. Appearance Conceptcar shows a dynamic alloy of the advanced technology and emotions. The long silhouette is crossed by relief lines which hint at the powerful engine. External lines operate length of a body, creating effect similar to a tape from forward headlights to arches of back wheels, causing motion sense and hallows.

Acura TSX

Photo Acura TSX

Acura TSX following generation is still on for release from the middle 2009. The model will be similar to Honda Tourer, and it will be the first diesel model Acura. 2.2L i-DETC with four cylinders of the European version of current model.


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