Sports hatchback Lada C

Sports hatchback Lada C

The fact of participation of the Volga factory in the Geneva motor show speaks not so much value eks - "Zhiguli" the world market, how many demand promptly growing at us for an individual transport. To ignore an event in Russia organizers of large exhibitions simply have no right: it is visible and on presence several "Harmony" on one of stands in Geneva.

The real purposes which were put before themselves by founders Lada C, are visible at once: if leading brands aspire to foresee, and even to generate new tendencies, designers of Autovases are content only with repetition of another's operating time. It is not necessary to forget, however, that approximately in the same the Chineses today are engaged, about twenty years ago Koreans went a similar way, and there were times when the same Japanese made the first and awkward enough attempts to copy modern, to those measures, cars. Here only dynamics of the further growth can be different.

The sports hatchback is allocated by proportions typical for this class: 4208 millimetres in длинну, 1835 millimetres at width and 1548 millimetres in height. In movement the car the two-litre four-cylinder engine, the maximum speed results of 210 km/h. The technical stuffing was projected together with company Magna. Apparently, these operating time will lay down in a basis of the subsequent models of factory.

Salon furnish disappoints with surplus of loans and a harmony lack. Almost the unique original detail - the chromeplated lath on the instrument panel and doors - seems absolutely inappropriate. But there is such exotic function for the Russian car industry, as electric adjustment of mirrors.

Despite the scepticism developed in the years, all the same it is possible to assume that on "Autovase" at last have decided to undertake creation of rather new and modern models. And it pleases. And suddenly this time it will turn out?


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