Check on sobriety.

Correct survey on the new. And bribes take all as.

Preparation for examination in GAI

For qualitative preparation for examination in GAI it is necessary to pass car driving lessons in difficult city conditions.

Antifog for glasses.

Many are assured: it is possible to manage an oven. But, alas, not always. At absolute humidity the oven does not rescue and even on the contrary - aggravates effect of "foggy Albion». In crude weather, especially when in the car chock, and someone from passengers after holidays also «has accepted on a breast», glasses mist over so that the oven will not rescue.

Driving of the car in the conditions of intensive transport streams.

The summer is fast, and it is optimum it is time for motor transport operation. Nevertheless, road and transport incidents are made at this time approximately in 2,4 times more often, than in the winter. It speaks that during the summer period intensity of a traffic and pedestrians in streets and roads sharply increases. A considerable quantity of drivers of the individual transport which does not have sufficient practical experience of driving in the summer gets into the car. And at once they get to traffic severe constraints (overtakings, evolutions, a choice of distances, intervals and etc.).

How to choose oil

Choice of oil for the car - a question difficult enough. Many motorists prefer to use oils which are recommended by professionals. For owners of the new cars which are on a guarantee, the question with an engine oil choice is less actual. Large automobile corporations have already chosen oil which should work well in engines of their cars. For example, BMW uses Castrol, Rепаult recommends Elf, and Mitsubishi - Mobil 1. It is necessary to notice that use of other oils is not forbidden, if only they corresponded to the provided standards.


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